re·gress  [v. ri-gres; n. ree-gres]  

1.to move backward; go back.

2.to revert to an earlier or less advanced state or form

3.the act of going back; return.4.the right to go back.5.backward movement or course; retrogression.

People are always focused on moving forward, advancing, and not going backwards. It is imperative, especially in the world of fitness, that we take steps back periodically to see how far we've become, and to work on basics. This can include basic movements such as air squats, push-ups, and strict pull-ups as well as using only the bar for a workout. Don't be afraid to regress to progress. 

Strength: 6 x 1 Back Squat w/3 sec pause at bottom.

WOD: 10R(FT)

10 Dead lifts

10 Cleans

10 Front Squat

10 Shoulder to overhead 

10 Back squat

*5 Burpee penalty if bar is dropped during round.

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